And in the meantime…
some thoughts on training and ideas

In the meantime…

I participated in the Spark- ORMCO training and I am very impressed by doctor El Zoghbi’s professionalism :first_place_medal:. He is a great doctor, with a lot of knowledge and understanding of orthodontic processes.

Unfortunately, this training overlapped with the Aligner Forestadent – FAS congress on Ibiza and I could not be there. Fortunately, several of our members were there, I’m hoping for post-briefing!!!!

Align organized the Invisalign Poland Congress. They invited a top speaker from Canada: doctor Sandra Tai :first_place_medal: and several other prominent doctors – users of this system . Everything was wonderfully framed artistically. So proud that Poland starts to gain more and more meaning on an international stage, and I also hope that more Polish doctors will give lectures at our scientific and training events

For some reason, I could not sleep well at either location….

I am also hoping for feedback from doctor Beata Walawska. Yet another time she lectured abroad, at the ORTHERO Master Class Int.Ortho.Ev. in Turkey she is already a “default” lecturer 🙂 (please correct me Beatka if I am wrong about the name of the congress).

I’m going to Bjoern Ludwig for direct print aligner training mid-December. Will follow up on this in 2 months.