3rd Congress of the Polish Academy of Aligner

May 12-13, 2023, InterContinental Hotel Warsaw

The 3rd Congress of the Polish Academy of Aligner is behind us. The congress website PAAcongress.pl will be active until 2024, so that you can still see the team of lecturers. So many nice memories of our reliable friends from Italy: Dr. Simonetta Meuli, Dr. Eliana Alemano and Matteo Reverditto, the impressive lecture of Dr. Susana Palma and the analytical insight of Dr. Javier Lozano. We had the pleasure of hosting, which is a rare occasion, a British doctor, James Taylor. The Poles also did their best showing the initiative, with lectures by Dr. Aneta Pogonowska, Dr. Ewelina Dabrowska, Dr. Anna Czopor and Dr. Michal Tarnawski. A general meeting was held, and PAA members voted to elect a new board – with only slight changes to the composition, as the now president Dr. Katarzyna Becker and two vice presidents, Dr. Katarzyna Potoczek and Dr. Michal Tarnawski, remained in the presidium. Dr. Michal Wilk was elected treasurer, and Dr. Agnieszka Biniek was elected secretary. This was also the main core of the Congress organizing committee. However, the entire audit committee has changed, with its current members being Dr. Edyta Mazur, Dr. Jolanta Sajkowska and Dr. Agnieszka Galwas. During the meeting, the results of the PAA Case Award were announced, honored in the following order: first prize for Dr. Agnieszka Galwas, followed by second prize for Dr. Mark Truszl and third prize for Dr. Anna Maria Kercz. Well… Worth mentioning, the atmosphere at the PAArty was ABSOLUTELY amazing. Kudos to those who came in congress T-shirts. We look forward to the 4th CONGRESS in 2025 again in WWA!